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Dit is mijn persoonlijke site, gewoon over mezelf, wat ik doe, waar ik op hoop , waar ik aan denk en wat ik graag heb.
This is my personal page, just about myself, what i do, hope for and like.
Aside of that i am doing research on a new kind of "weirdness syndrom" on the rise .....Scary and fascinating, a paradigm shift , a Black Swan or call it Wild Card ...but a huge surprise in any case. The challenge is to put the entire picture together, its all in the PATTERNS. More on this in my (ongoing) research on modern syndroms, and my guess that "the singularity is present, a true story of the past".

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Some letters i wrote the past days

To ICC about the abuse of the technology

TO Leonard G. Holmes The first therapist i did hear wondering "could this be done remotely?"
His article What the Heck is Satanic Ritual Abuse? IS REALLY WORTH READING
[Note:1] Leonard Holmes, Ph.D. Towson, Maryland: The Sidran Institute, 2000

To Dr Vaughan Bell (from the article in the NY times last years about the mindcontrol sites

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