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Dit is mijn persoonlijke site, gewoon over mezelf, wat ik doe, waar ik op hoop , waar ik aan denk en wat ik graag heb.
This is my personal page, just about myself, what i do, hope for and like.
Aside of that i am doing research on a new kind of "weirdness syndrom" on the rise .....Scary and fascinating, a paradigm shift , a Black Swan or call it Wild Card ...but a huge surprise in any case. The challenge is to put the entire picture together, its all in the PATTERNS. More on this in my (ongoing) research on modern syndroms, and my guess that "the singularity is present, a true story of the past".

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Leven is fascinerend. Freddy Mercury mijn jeugdliefde

Wanneer iemand me zou vragen wat ik vooral vind van het leven, dan zou ik waarschijnlijk antwoorden, het is fascinerend maar ongelooflijk kort. Mischien wel zo ondraaglijk licht als Kundera in zijn film het bestaan noemt. Wat ik het ergste vind aan de dood? Niet meer weten wat er verder met de mensheid gebeurt. De onbevredigde nieuwsgierigheid zeg maar.
Life is mainly fascinating but much too short and "unbearably light" as in Kunderas movie maybe. I regret the idea of dying, in the first place because i won’t know anymore what will happen with humanity after that. Freddy Mercury was my age 45 when he died of aids, his beloved singer Lisa Minnelli was singing one year later in 1992, his song "we are the champions" with the rest of the group Queen as a tribute to him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJN78fEN7YQ Looking at this i remembered again that live goes on, let fight , lets unite , lets sing , lets love , lets dance , lets live ! The difference we make NOW! He was to me a unique person and the pleasure of my childhood and i will carry his memory in a very special place in my heart for ever.

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